May 20, 2015

About Us

OrgPsych About UsOrgPsych About Us

Established in 2000, OrgPsych is an Australian based company leading the way in organisational psychology for today’s business.

We are a company of positive and organisational psychologists, coaches and leadership consultants based in Australia who specialise in creating demonstrable excellence for the individual through training and behavioural coaching.

Our work is based on positive psychology, person-centred coaching and informed by neuroscience and neurobiology. OrgPsych is for those who want to improve their interaction with other people for greater personal, professional and business success.

OrgPsych’s Mission

OrgPsych enables greatness in people and organisations everywhere.

Help people and organisations build their wellbeing today so that they can thrive and flourish tomorrow.

Using the power of Positive Psychology and an individual’s innate desire to grow, we enable people to be the best they can be and realise their full potential.

OrgPsych’s Beliefs

  • People are inherently capable, aspire to greatness and have the power to choose
  • Principles are timeless and universal, and are the foundation for lasting effectiveness

OrgPsych’s Values

  • Commitment to Principles. We are passionate about our content (programmes, coaching, and all deliverables), and strive to be models of the principles and practices we teach.
  • Lasting Client Impact. We are relentless about delivering on our promises to our clients. Our success comes only with their success.
  • Respect for the Whole Person. We value each other and treat each person with whom we work as true partners.
  • Profitable Growth. We embrace profitability and growth as the life blood of our organisation; they give us the freedom to fulfil our mission and vision.

What we are all about

Our psychologists, consultants and behavioural coaches are:

  • Great communicators
  • Confident and successful people in their own right
  • Insightful and exceptionally good listeners
  • Interested in their own ongoing development and education
  • Truly committed to the development of their clients
  • Highly professional and ethical
  • Aware of the issues faced by leaders and managers
  • Provide a supportive and objective sounding board with honest feedback
  • Review and challenge styles of dealing with people and strategies for getting things done
  • Assist leaders to become more effective and maintain peak performance for longer

Our Team

John McCann B.Comm, Grad Dip Psych, PG Dip Psych, MOrgpsych, MAPS, FAIM

Dr Kate Lemerle BSc (Psychology) (Hons) BEd DipEd (Graduate), Grad Dip Social Ecology, Grad Dip Health Promotion, MAppSci (Social Ecology), PhD

Dr Caroline Bailey  PhD PG Cert Occupational Psych MSc BSc (Hons) Psych

Caroline Benedet BEd MEdLead

Kellie O’Connor BCom Grad Dip Ed

Dr Peter Langford BScPsych (Hons) MClin Psych MBA PhD MAPS MAHRI

Dr Robert Rawlings PhD

Our Associates

Amanda Horne

Judyth Wiley

Noel Posus

Bernadette Degabriele

Ted Campbell

Philippa Furey

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