May 20, 2015

Bernadette Degabriele

OrgPsych Bernadette Degabriele

Bernadette DegabrieleConsiderable experience in the public, private and volunteer sector with programme and project management, organisational change management, facilitation, ICT implementations, executive coaching, procurement, contact centres and risk mitigation, Bernadette presents with strong skills in business process modelling and implementations and provides a proven history of successfully implementing business initiatives for both clients and employers.

Her primary interests in people management and proven leadership in business, Government and Defence has seen Bernadette successfully lead, manage and develop teams. Also delivering organisational change management services from both leadership and organisational development and an information technology perspective Bernadette works with change at both the individual and organisational levels simultaneously.  Bernadette works with and supports her clients to drive the success of their change management project.

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