May 20, 2015

Trusted Advisor

OrgPsych Trusted Advisor

OrgPsych Trusted AdvisorThe Trusted Advisor Program

‘You don’t get the chance to employ advisory skills until you can get someone to trust you enough to share their problems with you.’ – Maister, Green and Galford, 2000

The trusted advisor program was researched, designed and developed by John McCann organisational psychologist and founder of OrgPsych. The program will give you a competitive advantage and a winning edge, teaching highly effective psychological business acquisition skills and techniques that will help you to obtain more business and increase your income.

It provides you with an understanding of the relevant and subtle psychological processes that occur in the mind of a prospective client who is seeking professional advice.

The one day session covers topics such as; building trust through values of genuineness, acceptance, empathy and respect; how and why trust, empathy and respect are powerful allies; utilising effective business closes; developing the habits and attitudes of a trusted advisor; obtaining self-awareness and making a difference to those with whom you do business.

What you will learn

Participants learn simple, timeless, ethical and powerful influence strategies and techniques to enhance their business and personal performance.

  • Learn how to be more persuasive but influence with integrity and sensitivity
  • Learn how to convert yourself from a stranger to a trusted advisor within 60 minutes
  • Learn how to recognise ‘business signals’ that will help you turn proposals and quotes into business
  • Learn how to manage unrealistic client expectations by understanding the endowment effect (emotional attachment)

Sample of benefits of being a trusted advisor:

  • Clients will reach for your advice
  • Clients will be inclined to accept and act on the trusted advisor’s recommendations
  • Clients will share more information that helps you help them and improve the quality of service you provide
  • Refer you to their friends and business acquaintances
  • Give you the benefit of the doubt and forgive you when you make a mistake
  • Increased conversion rate of proposals and quotes to business
  • A competitive edge – you’re not like other advisors
  • Lower competition from other advisors in your industry

Who should attend?

It is mostly for individuals working in the advisory professions: consulting, law, accounting, coaching, engineering, public relations, real estate, investment banking, insurance brokerage, executive search and similar activities. However, people working inside organisations who have clients and projects will find it relevant to their work.

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