May 20, 2015

Coaching Methodology

OrgPsych Coaching Methodology

OrgPsych Coaching MethodologyPhase I: Establish a partnership (a collaborative helping relationship).

Session 1: The First formal contact hour is spent developing rapport, finding things in common and a general chat about how you feel you are performing. A review of the welcome package, clarify definitions and distinguish between training and coaching. Explain how coaching works (who calls who, cancellation etc) Set a time for the next session.

Phase II: Create an action plan

Session 2: Establish your vision and goals; identify areas that you feel you would like to improve, use the information from the assessment tools to gain insight into your current working practice. Develop strategies and offer *additional training and/or reading where appropriate.

Phase III: Coaching cycle (Content of the hour)

Sessions 3-11: Each hour is individual and follows your direction and agenda. In general the hour is divided into the following three parts:

10 minute (Introduction): Develop rapport; review last session’s implementation, homework and questions. Articulate this session’s goal.

40 minutes (Body): Fluid dialogue addressing what is going on, what are the obstacles, problem solving, challenging limiting beliefs, acknowledging your efforts, reviewing habitual patterns and support your thoughts and ideas, stretch your goals when appropriate. Can contain role-play and may suggest some skill workshops and/or reading if areas of deficit can be supported with acquired skills.

10 minutes (Conclusion): The commitment, what will you do, action plan for next week, strategy to overcome obstacles if they arise and allow for reflection.

Phase IV: Evaluate and Follow-up

Session 12: Last session reserved to recap the time in the program, extract the valuable lessons and identify areas that may be prone to re-lapse. Collect feedback evaluations after each month or 4 sessions (3 times / program).

The OrgPsych Coaching Methodology uses Egan’s GROW Model and many other researched based psychological processes.

  • Establishing a Goal
  • Exploring reality
  • Considering your options
  • Way Forward
    *Additional training: Leadership guides are provided to assist in acquiring skills.

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