May 20, 2015

Positive Authentic Leadership

Org Psych Positive Authentic Leadership

Org Psych Positive Authentic LeadershipRarely do effective leaders ‘just happen.’

‘We are wired for taking in information and acting on it, and part of this wiring includes our preferred ways of reacting to information and events in our environment. The qualities essential for effective leadership are wired into every human being as well, but in many this leadership potential lies dormant, just waiting to be discovered and used.’

Effective and credible leaders have the ability to:

  • Challenge the process
  • Inspire a shared vision
  • Enable others to act
  • Model the way
  • Encourage the heart
    – Kouzes and Posner

Many people enter a profession with enthusiasm for their chosen field of work; however, they are often elevated to a position of management or leadership with very little or no associated training.

Through Positive Authentic Leadership Development, following are examples of what we offer you:

  • An understanding of yourself, your strengths, areas of development, your own leadership style and the effect this has on your colleagues
  • An enhanced ability to develop and foster trust and the development and maintenance of more satisfactory relationships with the board, shareholders and employees
  • An increased ability to align others to the company’s vision and mission
  • Enhanced managerial competencies and increased self-responsibility
  • The creation of a culture that truly values learning and development

A successful leader is willing to continue learning and to encourage and inspire each individual team member.

Leaders need to begin with themselves in order to understand what is going on around them more accurately. If leaders cannot change and transform themselves personally and find their own peace and joy in self-knowledge, then seeking to ‘create value’ or ‘make a profit’ can become a series of meaningless, unsustainable activities. How can leaders work toward greater self-knowledge? The answer to the last question is the MBTI and GENOS and LPI.

Our training program – Positive Authentic Leadership – gives you the potential of becoming an exemplary leader.

In April 2006 John McCann, Peter Langford and Robert Rawlings had a paper on Charismatic Transformational Leadership published in the US magazine “Group & Organizational Management.”

Positive Authentic Leadership – A path to excellence program

  • Leadership Effectiveness Criteria
  • Leadership Success and Failure Study
  • Being a Leader
  • How leadership looks and feels
  • Expressing leadership
  • The Intrapersonal Realm
  • Self Awareness – Benefits, ways of becoming more self aware from MBTI, authenticity, walk the talk, be open, earn the right to lead
  • The Effective Leader Mindset
  • Change mindset versus modifying attitude and behaviour
  • What is a good leader, trusted advisor, skilled negotiator
  • The Interpersonal Realm
  • Interpersonal relationships, I-Thou relationship, values in action, ethical criteria of a good leader, respect a foundation value, empathy a core value, integrity and trust an influence value
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • What is Emotional Intelligence? The role of emotions in developing positive relationships, knowing your EQ
  • Understanding empathy and emotions
  • Understanding trust and the benefits of increasing trust
  • Effective Communication – A leadership fundamental
  • Leaders as relationship builders
  • Building relationships – influence with integrity
  • Leaders as influencers label behaviour
  • Self disclosure and tips for self-disclosing to others
  • The shadow side of communication skills and inadequate listening
  • Empathic listening – the foundation of understanding
  • The power of empathic listening, listening to words, empathic listening skills and the basic empathy formula of reflecting feeling and content
  • First thing in the morning and last thing at night – look to the past – identify your behaviour, start the day as you mean to go on and on the way to work, on arrival at work, developing a working lifestyle
  • Staying positive and taking responsibility and developing a positive mind
  • Winding down
  • Developing Others by engaging people, connecting with others, listening
  • Enabling people to make a difference and giving feedback
  • Enabling, guiding and being a role model
  • Vision and Leadership – introduction, what is vision, how does vision work, skills to develop vision, construct a vision, philosophy and principles to support vision, communicate through stories, be what you want the team or organisation to become
  • Personal vision
  • Charismatic Transformational Leadership – Introduction, what is it, how does it work, why is it so vital today, how do develop it, the gender issue and why charismatic transformational leadership is so difficult to develop in organisations

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