July 1, 2024

School Enhancement Project

OrgPsych School Enhancement Project

  • Evidence-based Survey
  • Structured Interviews
  • Assessment Tools
  • Comprehensive Reports

Our School Enhancement Projects allow us to work with Schools (Independent, Private, Catholic and Government) to create evidence-based informed change.

We help you deliver the XREF Exchange anonymous non-compulsory survey (previously known as the Voice Project) to staff, students and parents as well as other surveys for Employee Engagement, Leadership 360, Onboarding and Pulse.

School Grounds

The survey is endorsed by the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA).

We then go through structured interviews and provide informed insights about how to help

  • your school staff and board members be more engaged
  • your students become virtuous leaders
  • you improve the parent and carer experience

and help your school make lasting, positive organisational change

Our School Diagnosis is a collaborative process, involving both staff and external consultants (such as organisational psychologists) in collecting pertinent data, analysing the data and drawing conclusions for action planning and intervention.

Diagnosis can be aimed at discovering the causes of specific problems, or it may be directed at assessing the school to find areas for future development and devise interventions for solving problems and improving school effectiveness.

We can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in people management practices including leadership, supervision, communication and cooperation, teamwork, performance and job satisfaction.

Management and staff are provided with succinct and comprehensive reports indicating areas for improvement in the short term ‘Quick Wins’ and areas for improvement in the longer term.


Examples of some of the benefits gained by existing clients include:

  • higher academic achievement by students
  • help students become virtuous leaders making a positive difference in society
  • reduction in staff turnover
  • improved communication and cooperation
  • implementation of continuous improvement and employee assistance programmes
  • improved supervisory and management practices
  • improved team work and
  • cost reduction.

Structured Interviews

These are conducted onsite and are tailor-made for each school.

Assessment Tools

OrgPsych uses a variety of assessment tools including the MBTI, GENOS and LPI.

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