May 20, 2015

Testimonials and Reviews

Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback for OrgPsych

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OrgPsych Previous Testimonials

OrgPsych Testimonials and Reviews

OrgPsych has helped many individuals increase their effectiveness and happiness. Below is an example of our feedback. We are happy to provide you with a client list upon request.

Wellbeing Therapist and Parenting Consultant, Wholehearted Living
“As a mentor, John McCann shows compassion for his clients, and holds a space of love for each person to journey at their own pace. I would say to anyone considering executive coaching with John to go in with an open mind, trust the process, and you might just come away with a lot more to offer the world than you ever thought possible. For the first time in my life, I felt like someone believed in me, thank you so much John McCann. Because of the Executive Coaching experience with John, I began to believe in myself.”

Director, Voice Project Ltd and Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
“You have engaged in firm but caring ongoing executive coaching for managers identified as requiring focused development. We have received feedback from clients who describe you as a highly supportive and inspiring coach. We are also aware of significant positive change that has occurred with managers and organisations as a result of your intervention.”

Executive Manager, Care Services
“OrgPsych were engaged to provide coaching for two managers in our Region…The benefits of the coaching are noticeable…For both staff there is evidence of greater positive engagement in their work and work relationships and the resultant gains in their leadership and management skills…The coaching has been beneficial for both the staff and the organisation. “

Financial Planner
“Your coaching has taught me to reflect on how I deal with different situations…establishing business generation that enabled me to start generating a steady flow of business. I am generating over $1 – 2m per month in Funds under Management…In the last quarter I achieved the award for the top performing financial planner.”

Project Lead, Community Care Systems
“Personal and professional benefits started producing results very early on in our sessions. John has nurtured me and empowered me in a positive way to see my abilities and qualities. The role of Project Lead requires me to communicate and work with the highest leaders of our organisation through to care workers in the field. The confidential, professional and unconditional support provided by John is incredibly valuable to me as I grow and support the organisation through this change. “

Regional Director
“Participants to date are all the better for their involvement in the coaching as they learn about themselves, build upon their strengths and talk of a powerful experience that lifts them to new levels…For some it has been a life changing experience as they challenge their past behaviours and concentrate on improving their leadership and management skills…The coaching has provided many benefits of a personal and professional level to all involved.”

Leader and Manager
“…Over the last six months my life has changed…due solely to your coaching & mentoring…To think I was just so skeptical at the beginning now just seems like foolishness…My average monthly commissions compared to before coaching have doubled and in the last few months are nearly triple.”

Director Residential Care Services
“..through this (coaching experience) he has introduced me to what true leadership is, continually providing information and research to encourage,support and guide e and others on our journey. John has enabled me to regain my confidence and a feeling of strength that I did not have before. My communications with my peers are stronger and I feel more in control. Today’s professional business world demands leaders who are person-centered, resilient, genuine, empathic listeners and who have unconditional positive regard if they are to be successful. This shift from being predominantly results focused requires suitable preparedness and support for managers. I would not hesitate to recommend John McCann for such development and support. “

Leader and Director
“…we have had a record month in January 2007. Our office is ‘humming’, staff are coming in early of their own accord and staff are saying, it’s the best place they have ever worked! I am so grateful for your leadership coaching, mentoring and leadership development…my sales fees are in excess of $100,000 per quarter for the last 3 quarters…”

Chaplain and Executive Manager
“…I have received enormous benefits from my contact with you at a particularly stretching time in my career… the coaching process has re-ignited a passion for my work…I strongly recommend your service to any who are seeking to develop their staff personally and professionally. The coaching process has the potential to release great energy and dynamism…I am learning through mentoring the value of laser focus. Rather than doing many things not so well, you are teaching me to focus on a few things with excellence..”

Service Manager
“…Executive coaching is a powerful experience allowing us to learn more about ourselves first, personality preferences and signature strengths to move forward, developing and improving on our leadership and management skills. 360 degree feedback has been given regarding my leadership skills, allowing me to learn and make improvements that not only our team and I benefit from, through transference of skills, my case managers are also benefiting.”

Sales Executive
“…I have finally found something that is making a difference to my results – Behavioural Coaching…After 6 weeks of coaching I have achieved goals that were elusive…has been so powerful and brought me so much business, that I am now contemplating employing another assistant… I have just signed up for a further 12 weeks…setting even bigger goals… that, 6 weeks ago, I could only have dreamed of doing.”

Group Manager
“..your help has been invaluable…I have been practicing with my staff and at the same time teaching them how to manage difficult staff and improve self esteem. By better understanding my leadership style and personality, I have grown in confidence and ability to change and to lead with love..I believe my relationship with my managers has improved and we are slowly turning around the negative culture that has existed in recent months. I think it would be helpful to all managers to have the opportunity to participate in an Executive Coaching Course or workshop. “

Sales Executive
“I was unsure what if any impact it [coaching] would have. How wrong I was…I am now starting to see that my change in thought …is starting to pay both financially and more importantly my positive view in life.”

Leader and Director
“Your coaching style has turned my way of thinking around…You are to be commended for your work in such a short time, and you can be sure that I am continuing with your guidance for the future.”

Sales and Director
“…When I first started the course I was in desperate need of help…How my life would change…I have gone from not understanding the power of belief, compassion and understanding, to taking time to listen…How powerful is this…I have gone from no listings…to having seven…My life in general has improved I am on the most amazing journey of my life now, how much better can this get?”

Voice Project Pty Ltd, NSW
‘…In our work together you have delivered excellent client relationships management, acting as the primary client liaison and project manager for many of our surveys. You have also delivered effective and motivational facilitation of action planning. We are also aware of significant positive change that has occurred with managers and organisations as a result of your intervention. You are a rare all-round package!”

UnitingCare Ageing NSW,ACT – Sydney (Head Office),NSW
‘…my sincere thanks for the professional work undertaken by OrgPsych to date…the task of undertaking the Voice survey across a large organisation like UnitingCare Ageing with 5000+ staff…we recognise that information and knowledge management gives us an important competitive advantage.

Wesley Mission – Sydney (Head Office), NSW
“The results of the survey have provided Wesley Mission with invaluable qualitative and quantitative data which will allow us to look strategically into the future and we look forward to utilising the information to implement programs and policies to benefit our organisation…”

COS Complete Office Supplies – Sydney (Head Office), NSW
‘Overall, the whole process was conducted very professionally and I would highly recommend it to other businesses…’

RTA – Surry Hills, NSW
‘The results achieved will be of enormous benefit to us over the next 12 months and beyond while the organisation seeks to address the key findings of the staff survey.’

Catholic Care of the Aged – Port Macquarie, NSW
‘…gave us invaluable feedback and resulted in a number of recommendations with which we are currently proceeding.’

ACA Australian Consumers’ Association – Marrickville, NSW
‘Your report gives us a new critical dimension to consider and helps us prioritise strategy areas that need attention.’

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